Missions Policies of Faith Baptist Church:

Statement:  Through an ongoing restructuring of our missions program based upon revised Missions Policies, we will no longer take on or continue to support missionaries that:

1. Take extended or mini furloughs before the work is finished! An extended or mini furlough is defined as leaving the work for over one month per year. Emergency furlough needs will be examined on an individual basis.

2. Are working as co-laborers with other missionaries in the same mission church work! (The only exception being the time that missionaries are helping while they are in language school.)

3. Are serving with mission boards or agencies who charge administrative fees!

4. Are raising support directly or indirectly for any other reason than for their personal monthly living needs, airfare, and shipping expenses.

5. Do not commit to learning the language of the people to whom they have been called to reach.

6. Are serving in a furlough relief capacity for other missionaries.

7. Are paying the rents, notes or utility expenses for the church meeting places for the people they are serving with.

8. Change their ministries to something other than that which we took them on for. (They must be re-invited to present their new ministry!)

9. Are not working to bring the church they have started, or are working with, to a fully automomous position. (That is: Self-Governing / Self-Supporting / Self-Propogating!)

10. Are not in doctrinal agreement with the positions held by this church.

11. All other ministries we support will be evaluated on an individual basis.